Please enjoy REFLE’s one and only reflexology as an evidence-based complementary therapy,which will be yours with the best hospitality



REFLE offers you the 4 optional treatments from among which you may choose
the one best suited to your specific conditions and/or conveniences.
Choose the one and relax yourself bathed in the wonderful time of session.

  • Process of a treatment
  • Menu at Isetan Shinjuku Salon
  • What is reflexology?
30 minute session ¥3,000 + vat(10%)
Refleshes your feet and relaxes yourself.
40 minute session ¥4,000 + vat(10%)
Relieves your fatigue.
60 minute session ¥6,000 + vat(10%)
Stimulates all your reflexes.The most popular, full treatment which satisfies you 100%.
80 minute session ¥8,000 + vat(10%)
Enchants you with natural, relaxation promotion oil treatment.
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